Expeditionary Contracting Tool Kit

ArmyStar Contingency Contracting: A Joint Handbook    The Joint Contingency Contracting Guide has been updated, with 2009 Edition being released. 4 April, 2009, DOD ALT Memo announces posting of the Contingency Contracting a Joint Handbook to the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Public Web Page http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/ccap/cc/jcchb (look under 'draw down' for Contingency Contracting). The handbook provides essential information, tools, templates, and training for DOD Contingency Contracting Officers (CCOs) to meet the challenges they may face in any contracting environment.

ArmyStar CASCOM performance work statement (PWS) handbook    CASCOM performance work statement (PWS) handbook is designed to aid Requiring Activity in developing Performance Work Statements/Statements of Work (SOW).

ArmyStar Contingency Operations Laws and Acquisition Regulations
ArmyStar Department of Defense and Joint Staff Contingency Operations
ArmyStar Department of the Army Contingency Operations
ArmyStar Office of Federal Procurement Policy