G1 - Training

Available Training
  • There is a wealth of knowledge pertaining to available training offered to everyone that is employed at the federal government regardless of your grade level or career program. Web TED
  • Should you have any questions please contact any of your TED Team at AMSJM-HRT or call (309) 782-7731 / DSN 793-7731
  • A copy of each week's Training Opportunities News Bulletin will be placed on the OUTLOOK Bulletin Board (Public Folders/All Public Folders/JMC/ASC/Training) for future reference
Career Management of the Acquisition & Technology Workforce
Career Program Managers
Long Term Training
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Army National Guard(ARNG)
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ASC Priority Placement Program (PPP)

The week of 15 September representatives from the Brigades will be at HQ ASC to facillitate placements of overseas returnees registered in the Priority Placement Program. For more information on the Priority Placement Program G1 POCplease email the G1 POC.