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Our office is currently in the process of cataloging all documents, artifacts, and audio-visual material located in the History Office archives into a database. To date, over 22,000 items have been cataloged.

For more information please e-mail us.


The History Office also houses a library collection containing books on military history topics ranging from pre Civil War to Desert Storm. If you would like to borrow a book please stop down to our office in the southwest side of the basement of building 390.

Document Collection

If you have historically important documents pertaining to ASC, ammunition, the industrial base or prepositioned stock please send us an e-mail.

Donate historically significant documents before they end up in a sea of boxes, in a dumpster, or trapped by overgrown brush!


Members of the ASC History Office team are available to speak at training sessions or meetings upon request. The Command Historian, as well as their subordinates have experience in giving presentations throughout the command on various historical topics.

George Eaton Command Historian Overarching AMC Command History
Kevin Braafladt Historian World War Era, First Army History
Mark Struve Assistant Historian Cold War History


If you would like to make arrangements for a speaker on a historical topic or would like to include history as part of your training, please request our assistance via this form.


The ASC History Office conducts a wide selection of additional operations in support of the Command, the Army, and the Local Area. This includes a variety of community outreach programs, command history, and response to public inquiry. A comprehensive list of these services follows:

  • Army Sustainment Command Annual History Executive Summaries
  • History Newsletters
  • Historical Inquiries (including ASC requests, Army requests, and Rock Island Arsenal local requests)
  • Oral History Program
  • Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame
  • Various Studies and Community Lectures (including lecture series presentations)
  • Installation and Battlefield Tours and Staff Rides

History Office » Services