Deputy Commander for Field Support

Contact Info
  • US Army Sustainment Command
  • 1 Rock Island Arsenal
  • Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6500
  • DSN 793-4815 / COMM 309-782-4815
  • FAX 309-782-4236
  • NIPRNET Email
  • SIPRNET Email
Mission Statement

Execute command and control of subordinate Commands and organizations to provide Combat Service Support Capability to soldiers serving in CONUS and in Combatant Commands to ensure expeditionary war-fighting readiness and leverage national logistics to sustain a transforming Army at war.

Support Operations Offices
Name Office Symbol E-mail
DCS Operations Center AMSAS-FSO-OC Email
Support Operations Directorate AMSAS-FS Email
Distribution Management Center AMSAS-FSD Email
Logistics Integration Division AMSAS-FSL-SI Email
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