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Studies within the command have revealed that serious shortfalls will occur in many career fields in the near future. The purpose of this website is to serve as guidance that provides the latest training and development information for various career fields within the command. It is intended to assist in both cross-functional development and the planning of new career progression. It is extremely important to begin building a highly trained, flexible and multi-functional workforce that can continue to provide world-class support to our customers.


The information contained on this website is for use by all employees. It is to be used as a guide in planning career training and development needs for those seeking to pursue career opportunities. Careerists interested in progressing within their present career field should refer to the appropriate Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) designated for their specific job series. Those that are currently in a teaming environment must seriously consider cross-functional development to allow for the flexibility that will be needed to advance under the team concept. All personnel (including secretary/clerical/administrative) can utilize this website as a guide in planning, training and development to acquire skills and qualifications needed for command positions.

Affirmative Action

Career training and development identified on this website is to guide all employees. It is the responsibility of managers and supervisors to ensure that training and development opportunities are provided to personnel without regard to race, color, sex, eligion, national origin, no disqualifying disabilities, or age.


The following information outlines the roles/responsibilities if the individual, management and the civilian personnel office in the area of career development and training:

    Individual Responsibility

  • Ensure that official personnel file is kept up-to-date with job experience
  • Ensure that Resumix and SKAPs are completed in an accurate and timely manner
  • Seek out developmental opportunities to enhance qualifications
  • Training (request/attend/seek advisement)
  • Establish career goals
  • Prepare an individual development plan
  • Seek out cross training assignments
  • See out mentors/become a mentor

    Management's Responsibility:

  • Provide developmental job opportunities when possible
  • Establish knowledge, skill and abilities required for positions
  • Assist in preparing individual development plans
  • Training (training recommendations/training approval/ provide financial support)
  • Select the best qualified candidate to fill position
  • Become a mentor
  • Identify opportunities for cross training within your office
  • Seek opportunities for training participants to spend details within your office
  • Identify vacant positions as entry level

    Civilian Personnel Office's Responsibility:

  • Merit Promotion and Placement Plan are followed to provide all employees with proper and fair consideration, referral, and selection for positions requested by managers and supervisors, and provide managers and supervisors with the best candidates available to fill their positions
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