G1 - Volunteer Work

Everyone knows that volunteering can make you feel good inside, but did you know it could be good for your career too? There are significant benefits to organizations and the employees from volunteering. Community service is a form of job enrichment, a source of satisfaction for the employee that increases their positive feelings about themselves and their jobs. This employee satisfaction increases the company's ability to recruit and retain employees, and obtaining talented, motivated employees is what the future is all about for all organizations at Rock Island Arsenal.

Additionally, experts recommend that you should ask yourself what you want to do in your retirement years, at least 5 years prior to reaching that stage of your life. So in addition to enhancing your current career, you could be setting the groundwork for the next stage of your life.

There are opportunities too numerous to list..... one of the best ways to find something that would interest you and be an enhancement to your career is to search one of the local newspapers and/or the internet. Typical types of volunteer work that is normally always available are: churches, temples, hospitals, schools, senior centers, coaching at schools, Special Olympics, Junior Achievement, 4H, animal shelters, reading for blind and dyslexic, American Cancer Society, libraries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, centers for handicapped, volunteer in parks, foster parents/grandparents programs, United Way, American Red Cross of the QC Area, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding QC Together (formerly Hearts and Hammers), Living Lands and Waters, etc.

If you are still at a loss at which direction to turn, there is a Rock Island Arsenal Volunteer Coordinator available at (309) 782-0831 / DSN 793-0831, who can provide you with some ideas.

Do not dismiss volunteer work as unimportant to your career. Any expertise you develop doing volunteer work may be documented in your 201 file. Volunteer work can also help you qualify for specialized experience. You may be surprised to know that many times volunteer work can be a valuable tool in measuring who is selected for job opportunities or who is identified/selected for long term training programs.

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