Logistics Assistance Program (LAP)

Contact Info
  • US Army Sustainment Command
  • 1 Rock Island Arsenal
  • Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6500
  • DSN 793-4548 / COMM 309-782-4548
  • FAX 309-782-5902
Mission Statement

The U.S Army Logistics Assistance Program (LAP) is oriented to the early detection and resolution of logistics related problems that affect unit and materiel readiness. Simultaneously making logistical assessments in coordination with the supported commands to determine current status, historical trends, provide corrective and preventative measures for improving unit and command readiness. This includes the identification and correction of systemic problems. LAP also provides support to units/soldier in garrison/home station, before, during and after deployments to exercises, natural disasters, contingencies and war. Logistics assistance is provided through the LAP providing the commanders a single AMC point of contact.

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