Office of Counsel

Contact Info
  • US Army Sustainment Command
  • 1 Rock Island Arsenal
  • Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6500
  • DSN 793-8406 / COMM 309-782-8406
  • FAX 309-782-4755
  • Email
Mission Statement

To provide legal advice to the CG and staff on all legal matters arising within the ASC/JMC. To provide a full range of legal services/advice to all ASC/JMC on general law issues including such areas as: employment, labor, EEO, ethics, fraud, antitrust, bankruptcy, tax, and administrative/military installation law. To represent and defend the Command in tort/ non-contractual litigation. To provide legal services on a full range of environmental, safety, surety, and land use issues for all ASC/JMC. To provide legal service and advice involving the execution and administration of all ASC/JMC acquisition programs (to include the ARMS and War Reserve programs), the use of appropriated and non-appropriated funds, and to manage litigation involving the ASC/JMC and its subordinate installations and/or activities.

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