Partnering in Defense Contracts

This web page provides substantive information relating to a dispute avoidance and conflict management process being used in Defense and Aerospace contracts called Partnering. Partnering is designed to improved contract performance and reduce or eliminate contract litigation. While this process has traditionally been implemented in the construction industry, it is now being applied on all types of contractual and regulatory relationships. This page is designed to provide substantive information on the philosophy and process, the proven benefits of the process, case studies, sample documents, and support from top level Government Executives.

Partnering is a process by which parties to a contract learn to avoid conflict and disputes before they occur, thereby decreasing or eliminating litigation, and improving overall contract performance. Partnering has been used in many multi-million dollar contracts by the Federal Government with great success, and surveys indicate that Partnering is the ADR method preferred over all others (including mediation) by project owners and engineers.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers various methods of resolving conflict and disputes once they have occurred without resorting to litigation. There are various forms of ADR available, and each offers its own benefits. Whether ADR is appropriate for your use, and which method will be most beneficial, is factually specific.

While the primary focus of this site is to provide information about Partnering, links to other ADR sites will be provided and are encouraged. References to computer Bulletin Boards (BBD) and other ADR resources may be provided and are encouraged for submission as well.

This Web Page is developed by the U. S. Army Sustainment Command Office of Counsel in an effort to increase awareness of the AMC Partnering conflict management tool in the U.S. Army and around the world. If you have relevant Partnering materials that you would like linked on this site, please contact the POC below.


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