Step 1

Determine whether this is a request for a new webpage or an update to an existing webpage. If this is for new webpage development, then contact the Webmaster for initial guidance or enter the request as a new project in Taskmaster (skip to Step 3 to request in Taskmaster). If this is an update to an existing page then proceed with Step 2.

Step 2

Determine the Web address (URL) of the page to be updated. Use Internet Explorer to visit the page in question, then note the complete address indicated in the “Address” block near the top of the window. You may copy and paste it as needed. Reference this address in all correspondence regarding your request.

Step 3

Submit your request as aTaskmaster ticket.

Once in Taskmaster:

  • Click the Request Programming Task button
  • Select ASC Public Web WWW1
  • Put in a subject, a name for your request
  • Put in a task description - a verbal commentary on what you want done
  • Attach any documents or photos necessary
  • Click submit request
Step 4

All data posted to ASC’s public web site requires an OPSEC review by the G3 (our Functional Approval) before the Webmaster or other IM Analyst can approve its posting to the web. You will automatically be notified when your taskmaster ticket is functionally approved by G3, then you will also be notified when the Webmaster or an IM analyst approves your taskmaster ticket. Once your ticket is posted, you will be asked to approve the work via an email. This is to ensure your satisfaction with our changes, updates, or deletions. You will also be automatically notified when your taskmaster ticket is closed and all work is completed.

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