Suicide Awareness/Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Option 1

Suicide Prevention/Awareness Positive Actions

  • Reach out with compassion to the people in your world: your Family, Friends, and Co-workers
  • Tell 3 people how they have made a difference in your smile: A Family member, a Friend and a Co-worker
  • There are more “Good News” stories than defeats. Let’s share the “Good News"
  • Look at Who you are, makes a difference
  • Feed and exercise your body, soul and mind
  • Listen to the laughter of a child
  • Peaceful sleep is a good thing
  • Enjoy your hobby … that too is a gift
  • Smile, your co-worker could use a lift … and it’s good for your soul
  • Do you know someone who’s hurting? They have a story to tell you
  • Make a plan on how to help someone in need: Ask them if they’re hurting, Care enough to listen, Escort them to helping professionals if the situation is more complicated and dangerous than you can handle
  • How’s your stress level? Conduct a self assessment at
  • Call, e-mail, text your Faith Community leader, counselor, good Friend to thank her/him for the positive impact in your life
  • Has someone you love taken his/her life? Pause for a minute … to also remember the positive legacy he/she gave
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