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Volunteer TDY Deployments for DoD Employees

About the Opportunities

You will experience a challenging and rewarding tour supporting war fighters all across Southwest Asia. These mission essential opportunities are supporting operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. DoD Civilian volunteers must meet specific requirements to be eligible for deployment, please see the below for information.

How do I volunteer?

CURRENT Department of Defense civilian employee ONLY should submit a current resume to: (Please ensure Country preference is included in your email, i.e. Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan)

Deployment Information
  • Must meet ALL physical requirements for world-wide deployment, see:
  • A passport is required
  • A secret security clearance may or may not be required
  • Duty location may change upon arrival, or during tour depending on mission requirements
  • Most tour lengths may vary from 179 to 200 day deployments
  • Foreign Allowances
  • These positions MAY require travel to other sites via fixed wing and helicopter. Frequency and duration of trips vary depending on mission needs
  • Deployment is under field conditions
  • Wear of military uniform is required if deploying to Afghanistan or Kuwait
  • Wear of civilian clothing is required if deploying to Iraq
  • Meals and lodging are provided
  • Incidentals are $3.50 per day
  • Promotions are not authorized. This is a detail to a set of duties, deployed in a TDY status
  • During deployment, individuals remain at their home station series and grade. Salary remains at the employee's current rate. Working hour's up to 12 per day, 7 days a week, and overtime will be at OPM's prescribed OT rate for the grade and step of each individual
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