Suicide Prevention/Awareness Positive Actions
  • Reach out with compassion to the people in your world: your Family, Friends, and Co-workers
  • Tell 3 people how they have made a difference in your smile: A Family member, a Friend and a Co-worker
  • There are more “Good News” stories than defeats. Let’s share the “Good News"
  • Look at Who you are, makes a difference
  • Feed and exercise your body, soul and mind
  • Listen to the laughter of a child
  • Peaceful sleep is a good thing
  • Enjoy your hobby … that too is a gift
  • Smile, your co-worker could use a lift … and it’s good for your soul
  • Do you know someone who’s hurting? They have a story to tell you
  • Make a plan on how to help someone in need: Ask them if they’re hurting, Care enough to listen, Escort them to helping professionals if the situation is more complicated and dangerous than you can handle
  • How’s your stress level? Conduct a self assessment at
  • Call, e-mail, text your Faith Community leader, counselor, good Friend to thank her/him for the positive impact in your life
  • Has someone you love taken his/her life? Pause for a minute … to also remember the positive legacy he/she gave
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ASC Priority Placement Program (PPP)

The week of 15 September representatives from the Brigades will be at HQ ASC to facillitate placements of overseas returnees registered in the Priority Placement Program. For more information on the Priority Placement Program G1 POCplease email the G1 POC.