On 2 May 2019, the Mississippi River at Locks and Dam 15 at the lower end of Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) reached a record flood stage of 22.7 feet. (Shown, a photo of the Old Moline Locks at the upper end of RIA.)
The original design for the airborne transport and artillery system was a multi-functional weapons platform. The aircraft could provide both close-air-support and field artillery support.
Members of Weapons Command (WECOM), including military and civilian observers, watch a test of the armored personnel carrier fitted with a flame projection system. This picture was taken at the Kingsbury Hardlot on Rock island Arsenal.


The ASC History Office exists to preserve the history of the command and its installations. The office collects documents pertaining to almost every facet of the command including its ammunition plants, depots, forward commands, Army Prepositioned Stocks program, staff and directorate offices.

As the senior command at Rock Island Arsenal, the ASC History Office also fulfills the role of the installation historical section.  The office team provides community outreach in the form of educational briefings, tours, and support.  The office works to tell the Army story, build esprit de corps within the organization and the installation, and provide local history in the context of the Army's history in the region.

Periodically, the History Office conducts oral history interviews. These conversations capture the thoughts and spoken words of commanders and employees throughout the command. Their contributions provide a "live" perspective to the operations and missions being conducted at ASC. Additionally, the office writes organizational histories, supports leader training, and advises the Commander on all matters of historical importance to the organization.

For more information on the history of our command, view our summarized history, located here.

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