ASC Military Personnel Division

Contact Info
  • US Army Sustainment Command
  • 1 Rock Island Arsenal
  • Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6500
  • DSN 793-6235 / COMM 309-782-6235
  • E-mail
Mission Statement

As an essential combat multiplier, provide first-class Personnel Service Support to the Warfighter and family members to increase combat effectiveness of the command.

Our Valued Customers
  • Soldiers, Family Members & Retirees
  • HQ, Joint Munitions Command
  • Army Materiel Command
  • Installation Commanders
  • Human Resources Command
Critical Success Factors
  • Customer Service
  • Strength Management
  • Military Mobilization Coordination
  • Personnel Evaluations (OERS/NCOERS)
  • Database Accuracy
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