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Temporary Details

Temporary details or developmental assignments can be beneficial to career progression. Per the Union Negotiated Agreement between HQ, OSC and Local 15, Article 17, Section 9.a, "Details in excess of thirty (30) days will be reported on SF 52s and maintained as a permanent record in the Official Personnel Folder." Normally, an SF 52 is created stating whether an employee is detailed to a position or function.

If you are detailed to a function, you are detailed to a set of duties. The CPOC has been filing the RPA's in the 201 files on the left hand side of the folder for quite some time now. If you wish to count your developmental assignment to "specialized experience", you will need to do a 201 File Update.

There is no format for this update. It can be done on plain bond paper with your name and SSN on top. This is the only way the "new" experience will appear in the 201 file. Contact SOSRI-PC at 2-1150. Experience that is gained in a detail counts towards specialized experience. This time served does not count towards time-in-grade if you should be sitting on a higher level position.

A Temporary Detail module is now available on TEDs. Please call the G1, Human Resource Office at (309) 782-7775 if you have additional questions.

Cross Training

Each employee should take an honest look at identifying some cross training opportunities for themselves. While there may or may not be an official established program for cross training, there is nothing that prevents an employee from taking initiative to develop their own cross training opportunities.

  • Each leader should make every attempt to accommodate employees that express an interest in cross training. Whether that takes an employee out of your office for a short-term developmental assignment, or it gains you a temporary employee, there are advantages to both the leader and employee. We urge every leader to make time to develop these opportunities within their offices and to offer all employees a chance to use this experience to further their educations. Each leader should work to develop relationships with all organizations located at Rock Island Arsenal, that will allow us to develop cross training across organizations.
  • Advantages to be gained through cross training include: increased employee education and training; employees participate in creating their own goals, increased employee contribution; increased respect among employees secondary to teamwork; increased power equal slower absenteeism and better productivity; employees have more satisfying work; an increased depth of competence among employees; less conflict with administration and managers; employees are more likely to agree with changes if they participate in decision making. Every organization must invest in cross training for our organizations if we intend to exist in the future.
  • Cross training is often overlooked, but is an effective solution. Organizations should be looking at the skills that their employees already have and they should be trying to identify where cross training can add extra value to their organization. This cross training development should extend into all organizations located on the Rock Island Arsenal. Every attempt must be made to allow employees to cross from organization to organization in an attempt to fully train everyone to their full capabilities. If this process if fully embraced, all employees could benefit from a wider knowledge of the Department of the Army.
  • A Cross Training module is now available on TEDs. Please call the G1, Human Resource Office at (309) 782-7775 if you have additional questions
Mentor Programs
  • The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller) (ASA(FM&C)), Comptroller Proponency Office, announced the FY 03 Resource Management Mentorship Program (RMMP). The RMMP is a formal mentoring program with an emphasis on skill development and acquisition. Mentoring partners an experienced member of an organization, a Mentor, with a less experienced person, an Associate, to foster career development and growth based on the Associate's career goals, interests, and needs.
  • The ASA (FM&C) will review all applications, establish partnership matches, and release notification memorandums. The FY 03 RMMP civilian and military eligibility requirements are:
  • Comptroller Civilian Career Program (CP-11) careerists in grades GS-09 to SES.
  • GS-05 and GS-07 careerists may apply for consideration on a case-by-case basis.
  • Functional Area 45, Comptroller officers, in ranks Captain to General Officer.
  • Current interns (local, MACOM, or DA) are not eligible. Supervisors of these interns should mentor these careerists.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to partner with someone from another Major Command. In addition, a person can be both a mentor and an associate by requesting both on the application. The required application package includes:
  • RMMP application
  • Current resume or officer record brief (ORB)
  • SF 181, Race, and National Origin Identification Form (optional)
  • A Mentoring function is now available on TEDS
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