Unit Ministry Team

Contact Info
  • US Army Sustainment Command
  • 1 Rock Island Arsenal
  • Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6500
  • DSN 793-0910 / COMM 309-782-0910
  • FAX 309-782-0912
  • E-mail
Mission Statement

Mission Statement -- Provide religious support for all U.S. military personnel, DA/DOD civilians, and their family members within the command. Support the free exercise of religion within the command. Support the command in conducting/coordinating their religious program.

Training and Resources Available for:
Chaplain Regimental Crest
  • Suicide Prevention Classes
  • Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Conflict Resolution
Places of Worship
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Army National Guard(ARNG)
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