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  • The Army Sustainment Command, or ASC, is the logistics arm of the Army Materiel Command that provides our warfighters with everything they need to do their job. America's Soldiers need ammunition, equipment, food, uniforms and much more in order to fight and win on the battlefield or to respond to natural disasters, and the Army Sustainment Command makes sure they get them.   


  • We are headquartered here at Rock Island, with more than 200 military 700 civilians and 50 contractors that supports military readiness around the globe.  ASC has a worldwide presence in more than 20 countries and 32 states with more than 40,0444 employees under the command structure.


  • ASC also is tasked with maintaining equipment, providing technical support, and restoring worn equipment to like-new condition.  Through our worldwide network, ASC uses seven Army Field Support Brigades, or subordinate units, in strategic locations around the world..  They are logistics and supply hubs supporting forces in their area of operations.  The Field Support Brigades, in turn, more than 70 Logistics Readiness Centers, or LRC's, offering day to day services to our Soldiers, like operating dining facilities, issuing uniforms, laundry services, transportation, lodging, and much more.   ASC is wherever the Army has boots on the ground.