A Self-Guided Tour of Rock Island Arsenal

Welcome to the Rock Island Arsenal Virtual Installation Self-guided Tour.

This tour comprises of over sixty historical points in and close to the installation.  You can select which tour, return to the History Office Website, and read important tour information in the sections below.  Our resident commands welcome you to explore our history of producing Army readiness since 1862.

This page contains helpful information and virtual tour data. If you have a physical brochure with a map, you can select one of the options below:

» Click or tap here for the Installation Tour
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» Click or tap here for the Ordnance Tour
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If you have one of the Virtual Tour Cards, scroll down and use the maps on this page to begin your tour. Tap on each individual point to learn more about that point.

This tour also includes multiple points not displayed on the map above.  These include the points and locations listed below:

29 Mark VIII Tank Located at the northwest corner of Gillespie Street and Rodman Avenue
30 Rodman Guns Located at the Gravesite of Thomas J. Rodman at the National Cemetery


The U.S. Army, nor Army Sustainment Command, recommend nor endorse any third party applications for the purpose of this tour and is not responsible for any license that the user may enter with a software developer upon agreement to install.

Visitor Information

For more information on visiting Rock Island Arsenal, please visit the "Visitor Information" section of the U.S. Army Garrison-Rock Island website, or click here. First time visitors should plan an extra 10-15 minutes of wait time prior to gaining access to the installation, depending on group size, time, and day of visit.

Policy and Reminders

  • Please remember that Rock Island Arsenal is an active military installation.
  • Some of the points on this tour can only be viewed from outside and others may no longer be visible and require visual aid.
  • A few locations may be visited and have normal business hours.
  • Do not wander into restricted areas or locations that are off limits.
  • Remember to obey traffic laws and other posted signage.
  • Use of a mobile device while you are driving is strictly prohibited.
  • For your own safety, and the safety of the artifacts, please do not climb on any macro artifacts.
  • You may take pictures north of Rodman Avenue as long as:
    1. They are not in residential spaces.
    2. They are not facing industrial complexes.
    3. You are not impeding traffic.
    4. You are not trespassing.
  • Support for this tour can be reached by contacting the ASC History Office by clicking or tapping here.
  • For additional tour data and information, click or tap here.