Generational Diversity


   U.S. Army Sustainment Command is tasked with ensuring that warfighters have everything they need to fight and win. As the operational
   arm of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, ASC is the logistical hub that makes sure everything from meals, to uniforms, to tanks and
   howitzers, are where they need to be when they need to be there.

   This enormous and multifaceted responsibility means that ASC must draw upon a diverse set of skills, not only from its Soldiers, but from
   the command’s 4,600-plus civilian employees at its headquarters and situated around the globe.

   ASC has men and women in all aspects of operations, over a wide range of ages. The youngest employees are in their early 20s, and,
   of this writing, the oldest employee is 89 years old, with the rest spread throughout the age spectrum. This wide range of ages brings with
   it some issues, but also opportunities.

   Read more about how ASC treats everyone as individuals to better enhance the enterprise below:

   Treating employees as unique individuals best way for ASC to retain, recruit workforce

   ASC’s multigenerational workforce provides wide range of skills, unique opportunities