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Archives & Collections


The ASC History Office operates two archives in two separate buildings on Rock Island Arsenal. These facilities are in climate controlled locations and contain thousands of items. The majority of these items are documents and books and a limited quantity of learning aids. Both facilities require supervision due to the nature of their location and each facility specializes in specific material. Some of these examples are listed below.

ASC Archives
Building 390, Rock Island Arsenal
RIA Archives
Building 60, Rock Island Arsenal
  • Agency Correspondence
  • Annual Command Histories
  • CMH Publications
  • Heraldry Items
  • Learning Aids
  • Lineage Documentation
  • Oral Histories
  • Reading Library
  • Aperture Cards
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Photos
  • Project Books
  • Rock Island Arsenal Histories
  • Small Arms Resources
  • Staff Directories
  • Technical Drawings
  • Technical Manuals
  • Technical Reports

Reading Library & Professional Readers Program

The ASC History Office oversees the ASC Professional Readers Program, which is designed to enable the ASC Workforce (both Soldier & Civilian) to continuing their learning beyond that of theeir education or job description. To accomplish this, the History Office maintains a large reading library that covers many historical topics that range from the Colonial Wars to the Global War on Terror. This is in addition to many old one-of-a-kind books, CMH Publications, and ASC Publications. The History Office recently added a digital library and archive to its collections as well, further expanding access to these resources for both Department of Defense Civlians and the public.

Submitting Materials, Documents, and Artifacts

Periodically, the ASC History Office may obtain artifacts with significance to the mission of the Army Sustainment Command. In addition, some items and documents which pertain to the larger mission of the Army may be accepted by the History Office for proper preservation. Much of these items and "artifacts" are document in nature, but may vary. If you have documents you believe are historically significant - especially documents pertaining to the organization, the organic industrial base, prepositioned stocks, or combat equipment groups - please send us an email. Any donations of materials is greatly appreciated.

Training & Speaking Engagements

Members of the ASC History Office team are available to speak at training sessions or meetings upon request. The Command Historian, as well as their subordinates have experience in giving presentations throughout the command on various historical topics.

Kevin Braafladt Command Historian World War Era, First Army History
Mark Struve Assistant Historian Cold War History, Artillery
Kaleb Bemis Archivist World War Era, Small Arms


If you would like to make arrangements for a speaker on a historical topic or would like to include history as part of your training, please request our assistance via this form.

Other Services

The ASC History Office conducts a wide selection of additional operations in support of the Command, the Army, and the Local Area. This includes a variety of community outreach programs, command history, and response to public inquiry. A comprehensive list of these services follows:

  • Army Sustainment Command Annual History Executive Summaries
  • History Newsletters
  • Historical Inquiries (including ASC requests, Army requests, and Rock Island Arsenal local requests)
  • Oral History Program
  • Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame
  • Various Studies and Community Lectures (including lecture series presentations)
  • Installation and Battlefield Tours and Staff Rides