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Tour Data Database

The Virtual Interactive Self-guided Tour Algorithm (V.I.S.T.A.) is a compilation of information designed to help provide visitors a tour experience.  The history office is responsible for updating all tour information for the public.  This information is made available on this page for use.  Here, you can find digital brochures, digital media, downloadable tour files, and information regarding various sites on Rock Island Arsenal.  The history office also maintains this information for staff rides and other historic experiences such as tours and education.


Name File Type Size Version Date
Rock Island Arsenal: Installation Guide .pdf 9.01 MB 2.1.B2 202309121048
Rock Island Arsenal: Ordnance .pdf 1.03 MB 2.0.B3 202307281121
Rock Island Arsenal: Residences .pdf 2.98 MB 1.0.F4 202307281128

Virtual Tour & Points of Interest

Name File Type Size Version Date
Rock Island Arsenal .html N/A 2.0.RC1 202306091432
Rock Island Arsenal: Installation POI N/A 2.0.RC1 202306091432
Rock Island Arsenal: Ordnance POI N/A 2.0.B2 202305231144
Rock Island Arsenal: Residence POI N/A 1.0.F2 202304171553

Education Aids & Fact Sheets

The ASC History Office manages a suite of educational products and fact sheets for educators and the general public to use and distribute as needed. You may locate these finders below. This section is still a work-in-progress as of June 2023.

Name File Type Size Use Date
100 Series: Accompanies RIA Installation Tour .pdf 66.0 KB Installation 202306121519
110 Series: Accompanies RIA Ordnance Tour .pdf 64.6 KB Ordnance 202306121519
910 Series: Accompanies Ordnance Information .pdf 48.4 KB Ordnance Aid 202306121520